Basic Information of the School



I. Basic Information of the School


Lianhua Middle School, situated besidesLianhuaMountain, Central Area, Shenzhen, was established in July 1991 as the firstjunior high schoolofFutianDistrict, Shenzhen in the level of province. For building up the School into an incubator of high-quality schooling seats, the CCP committee and the government of the district merged Gangxia High School (at the central area) into the School as the south schooling section in January 2011, the total area of the south section and north section is41,032.2 m2, the total building area is36,317.3 m2, and the greening area is12,188.45 m2. The School has 54 classes, 2557 students and 208 teachers and workers. The high school owns 90 senior teachers, 102 grade-one teachers, one national key teacher, 72 course pacesetters and key teachers at the level of province, city, district and school. In our teachers, one is granted the title of Excellent Teacher of China, two are granted the title of Rising Schooling Star of Guangdong Province, 14 teachers are evaluated as Excellent Teacher and Excellent Head Teacher of Class of Shenzhen and five teachers are Excellent Teacher of Futian District.


The School receives broad praises from the public for its efforts on cultural construction and thus generates good influence in Futian District and Shenzhen. The School is satisfactory to the society for its high schooling quality. Under the correct leadership of the higher administration departments, we insist in all for students growth, encourage teachers to perform the Schools spirit of making each effort for our students and the School and taking education as the career and the highest target, comply with the schooling concept of realizing first-class education and establishing happy campus, determine the schooling target of laying foundation for the whole life of students and being responsible for the national future, set up the schooling principle of realizing better development by reform, improving quality through management and obtaining more benefit by scientific research and build up the mechanism of open-minded schooling and independent schooling by law. We take quality education as the guideline, quality and benefit as the principle and students growth as the target. With the staffs common efforts and 20-year development and construction, Lianhua High School has a significant improvement in schooling conditions and management level and becomes an example junior high school with beautiful environment, advanced schooling facilities, standardized schooling management, strong research atmosphere, high-level teacher team, students overall development and outstanding schooling performance. 


II. Vision of the School

The development vision of our school is to promote the south and north schooling section in consistent development within three years, own 66 classes after five years and provide 3000-3300 good schooling seats to the central area.


III. Schooling characteristics

   Our school has formed the following exclusive features on the basis of innovation and high-level schooling:

   The moral culture of guiding students for self development

   The school-based courses of promoting students personal growth

   The environmental education by establishing the system of energy saving and emission reduction

   The science and technology education by carrying out comprehensive practice activities

   The application of education information technology




IV. Arrangement of courses

The School actively implements new course concepts and strictly executes the schooling plan issued by the Education Department of Guangdong Province and the Nine-year Education Courses Plan of Shenzhen. The School arranges the schooling content, courses and hours according to the plan, and provides students with the course of physical education, morality, music, painting, information technology and labour skills in accordance with the national relevant requirements.

In September 2002, our school creatively used the research-based learning style in the development and establishment of school-based courses and set up the experimental research of the school-based courses on “students’ personal independent development”. The independent development elective courses include “the elective category of subject” and “the elective category of aptitude”, and now there are more than 50 high-level projects. The School has developed the platform of “electives”. The School fully utilizes the strong functions of information technology to make election of school-based courses more flexible, their implementation more accessible to student’s life and student’s transcript calculation more convenient.



The course structure of Lianhua Middle School


V. Expectation of the School

 1. In school management, it may send our headmaster and management to the foreign sister school for temporary working, inspection or exchange, or invite the management of the foreign sister school for temporary working in our school;

2. In schooling, schooling research, teacher training and schooling resource share, it may send teachers of two schools for learning or guidance each other, and organize the students of two schools for making friends, exchange and learning;

         3. Introduce foreign advanced education concepts and international courses, organize students for exchange and learning, establish cooperation mechanism of Chinese and foreign school, make international education publicity and promote education opening, overseas cooperation and exchange of our school.